Southwest Family Ministries     PO Box 16154     Louisville, KY 40256     502.553.6304


Southwest Family Ministries is proud to pour into local communities, giving them the opportunity to learn from each other - with increased confidence and compassion. We walk along side schools, churches and community groups to help strengthen their knowledge in making a positive difference in the life of the next generation. 


We partner with our community pastors to teach them how to successful minister to the neighborhood and reach those who need Jesus - because, after all, we are THE church. It is clear that our communities are suffering from a lack of know-how and motivation to get out beyond their church's four walls to truly show the love of Jesus, allowing the church to grow and serve others.


Southwest Family Ministries concentrates on reaching communities where poverty, drug abuse and illiteracy negatively effects the entire family structure, especially the children. We work with churches in these areas to provide the much-needed support for these children and to build a spiritual foundation for the community. 

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